Saturday, January 13, 2007

New visitor

A chinese pheasant has discovered all the fallen seed under one of our bird feeders.

And Rocket has discovered the pheasant.

Mr.C has a picture HERE from another angle


Anonymous said...

Hi keewee...pretty site at your house and Rocket sure looks interested!!!Hostagirl

Anonymous said...

Is Rocket strictly a "house" cat?

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

jimbob, Rocket never gets to go outside. We have too many coyotes around here who would just love to eat Rocket for dinner, so he gets to look at the outside world through glass.

Hostagirl, you should have seen Rocket, he was quivering all over and his tail was twitching big time.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bird.. and what a handsome boy. :-)

Rivrdog said...

By the look of the tail feathers on that ringneck, he's an old rooster, not a recent release from a game farm.

They get fairly cagey as they get older. In a contest between bird-brain and cat brain, I wouldn't bet against the rooster.

Mary Lou said...

My daughter has two really strange looking pheasants in her yard,. they are yellow and orange. PRETTY!

Poor Kitty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bird those Chinese Ringneck Pheasants are. Makes you almost want to not go hunting.
The old muser

Phyllis said...

By golly it looks like Rocket is drooling! Did he chatter at him?
I have a picture somewhere of my little kitty stalking a pheasant in my back yard!! He was three times bigger than the cat!! It was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

You have a pheasant in your yard? And what wonderful entertainment for your cat.

We don't have pheasants any where near here.