Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am staying home today

How lucky for me to have the first of four days off work.
We woke this morning to a snow blanketed world. There is no wind, the skies are a watery blue and the silence is almost deafening.
Here are some views from several windows in our home. As usual you can click on the pictures for a larger view.

When it is very windy the willow branches slap against the side of the house, which just happens to be our bedroom side. I think they will have to be trimmed back to allow us some uninterrupted sleep during windstorms.

The sun is just starting to peep over the trees gilding the pine tree outside our kitchen window.

I love the ever changing view outside the den window I sit in front of at my computer. This morning the tree looks as though it has been gold leafed by the sun.

From our front kitchen window, we look across Useless Bay, over Double Bluff, toward the snow covered Cascades, which are being lit by the morning sunrise.
Isn't mother nature grand?


Anonymous said...

Hi girlfriend!! I am so glad that you get to be at home today snug and warm in your cozy house!! Seattle and all that's hard to beleive!!

Anonymous said...

I so want to be where you are!


Mary Lou said...

CAscades? Are you sure? I guess I am totally turned around. I am gonna have to take a drive down your way and see just where you are located.

Isnt it gorgeous!!! and POWER too!!! Tee HEe!

Anonymous said...

My goodness but you live in a beautiful part of the country.. even when dressed in white.