Tuesday, January 09, 2007


S--T, yes I am cussing.

I hear the wind whipping through the trees outside the den window, the wind chimes are sounding their angry peals as they are buffeted by the gusts and the weather forecast is grim.

Today we could get wind gusts of up to 60 mile per hour, and you know we will have more trees down and probably be without power AGAIN!!!

Then to top it all off, by tomorrow evening we could possibly get snow and icy conditions as the temperature drops.

The novelty of indoor camping has worn off, I am looking forward to spring.

BUT, I do count my blessings, it could be worse, we could be experiencing
the aftermath of a hurricane, so I will quit whining and try to find the bright side.


Rivrdog said...

Bright side? BRIGHT SIDE??? KeeWee, have you got some leftover NZ Navy Starshells which you're shooting off in your living room?

Not much of a bright side to this winter, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...


Well, check this link out for the Columbus Day storm.


Then there was the Feburary 1979 windstorm which part of the Hood Canal Bridge got sank. It only had gusts to 120 mph, with sustained winds of 85 though....

Mary Lou said...

Hey JimBob, I was at a football game at Burlington High School when the Columbus Day storm hit. THAT was a storm! All the roofs in Capehart Housing either blew off or lifted up. My Dad had to cut his way down the road to get to the high school to pick us up from the bus. Took us FOREVER to get home.

And I was here when the bridge sank too. and they whine over hurricanes!

I am a bit tired of indoor camping too. If I could keep my computer going, then I would be fine. But I cant afford the 1000 dollars that the NEX wants for a generator