Monday, May 07, 2007

At Long Last

We have a beautiful day with temperatures in the 50F's already, AND,
we are supposed to have several such days in a row. It is about time the weather settled down, folks were starting to get scratchy (Kiwi for grouchy). Amazing what a little bit of warm, sunshiny weather will do for their moods.

It was time to take my camera outdoors and see what was going on in the yard. There was a chorus of birdsong as I opened the front door and stepped onto the porch into the warm sun, the air smelled fresh and clean after last night's rain shower, and there was color in the garden from Tulip blooms. There was a humming bird flitting near by, and I noticed that they make the most unusual sounds. It seems to my ears, that the sound they make is rather harsh and loud for such a tiny pretty bird. Have any of you out there observed the same thing?

This particular tulip is one I planted last fall and have eagerly been waiting to see the unusual blooms. Well worth the wait, aren't they?

As I turned to return indoors, this little rabbit was nibbling on grass just about seven feet away. we spotted each other about the same time, and he froze there for a few seconds then turned towards me as though posing for his picture. Seems he is one of the tamer rabbits we have on the property.
It is time for getting ready to spend the day at the spa, I have just two more days work to put in, before I get time off to enjoy this lovely weather.


Ginco said...

I just love that lingering smell of flowers that fills the air after a good rainfall!

I don't think I've ever seen such a "bad hair day" tulip like that before LOL! very unusual & very lovely !!

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers and the bunny


Anonymous said...

I have not seen a tulip quite like that .. it is beautiful.