Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I have booked my seat on Air New Zealand and am ready to go now.

Come November 5th, I am going home for a visit. It has been a very long time since I have been in NZ and I am sure there are many, many changes, especially in Palmerston North where my remaining family lives.

I have two brothers, a daughter, and two grandsons I want to spend time with. Spending time with my daughter, Tina, is of the utmost importance, as she has Huntington's Disease which is progressing extremely rapidly, so much so, that she will be in a facility in the very near future.
Tina will celebrate her 39 th Birthday on the 14 th of November so I think it would be nice to have a small celebration for her.

I want to go and look at all the houses I lived in when growing up, and see what changes have been made, if any, and take a drive out to Foxton Beach where we had a batch (beach house) I also would like to take a walk on the beach where my brothers and I played as children.

There are many things I would like to do, and see, that I am making a list just in case I forget something.( I am getting forgetful in my old age *grin*) and who knows when I will be able to make another journey home. Interesting how I still call New Zealand home even though I have lived in the States for many years. I feel "once a Kiwi, always a Kiwi in your heart" and I am sure this is the case for other people who have left their homeland.

I will make sure I take plenty of pictures so you can all see where I was born and raised. New Zealand is a beautiful country.


Mary Lou said...

Oh man. two springs in one year, How COOL!!

I would be too excited to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that New Zealand is a marvellous place. Some day I hope to be able to visit there. You must be so excited about travelling back home to see your family, especially your daughter. I am excited for you. :-)