Saturday, May 26, 2007

Flown the coop, umm! I mean, the nest

The earth seemed like it was holding it's breath as I quietly walked our yard very early this morning. The only sounds came from the birds. Robins were singing their love songs, Chickadees were chatting around the feeders, and it sounded like a Jay, across the pasture, calling a warning of a predator in the vicinity .

For weeks, I have been keeping an eye on the Robin family who lived in this nest, hoping to catch a glimpse of the youngsters as they learned to fly . But sometime, the last few days when I was busy, the chicks left the nest. I guess you have to be up very early to see such an event.

1 comment:

Ginco said...

How disappointing to see only the empty eggshell instead of the little robins bopping away.
While I was reading your post, that song by Michael Jackson kept buzzing in my head "Rockin' Robin"
and keewee would have loved to hear the robin go tweet, tweet tweet.
Oh don't mind me! :-))