Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I admit it, I have been tardy.

Yes I know I have not done much in the way of posting the last week. All my energy had gone into setting up the drip irrigation system in my gardens, which, incidentally works like a charm. There will be no more standing around for ages, holding onto a hose while wetting down the garden Yay!! I have also put in a few hours at work and now I have to plan what we will have to pack in the RV for our four days away.

Friday morning bright and early, well perhaps early, we are leaving for Missoula, Montana on our annual trip to shoot in the Montana Shooting Sports Association's annual Bowling Pin Shoot.
I just know the weather is going to be hotter than hell, well, I don't actually know how hot hell is, but from last years experience at the shoot on Saturday, it was a miserable time for someone who is used to much lower temperatures than the 100 degrees plus I suffered through, so it was a hellish experience.

So you ask "why do it if you hate the heat so much?" The answers is " we, that is MrC and I, love to shoot at this event where we have made some wonderful friends, and we are supporting a worthy cause. Also, this year, my dearest friend Hostagirl, who moved to Darby about a year ago will be driving up to Missoula with her husband JW to see us shoot and to visit with us. I am so looking forward to seeing her again, we sure do miss each other.

Hostagirl and I used to work at the same establishment and enjoyed taking breaks and eating lunch together, and all the things best friends do, so it was a huge change for us both when we both moved away from that city and now are living a couple of states apart. It's not as though we can jump into our cars and meet for coffee or a soda as we used to.

I have done my chores, written a long letter to send to my daughter in New Zealand, it is 10:15pm and I am fading fast. I had better go to bed before my nose hits the keyboard and I wake up later on, with key imprints on my cheeks *grin*


mistaya's M.O.M. said...

We are SOOOO excited to get to see you and MR C this weekend...I can't beleive it's almost here!!! We will see you two VERY soon!!! Can you bring a little shade and a few degrees of cool air with you please?????

Anonymous said...


Ginco said...

Aah Keewee, sometimes we have so much buzzing around our ears that we don't get to do the things we enjoy doing most - Blogging!!

Have a GREAT week-end together with your friends - Hostagirl & her husband, be so naughty and have a glass on me LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I so understand how blogging gets put on the back burner during the summer months. It has been the same for me.