Monday, July 23, 2007

Missoula Montana - part one,

This is our third trip to Missoula Montana, to compete in the Montana Shooting Sports Association, Annual Great Northern Celebrity Bowling Pin Shoot.
We left Whidbey Island on the 11am ferry Friday and after a long drive, arrived at Gary M's home in Missoula late in the afternoon.

Gary built this lovely home high in the hills on a road which ends at his place.

The peace and quiet, along with an incredible view is like a little bit of heaven on earth.

Is this MrC and his new bowling pin guns? NO, these are two fully operational cannons Gary owns, I have a feeling MrC would love to have these on the front deck of our home, just the thing to start or the end the day. I don't think the neighbors would appreciate the ritual though.

The view from in front of the house, which was hazy with smoke from fires burning somewhere close by.

Around 3pm on Saturday afternoon we drove out to the range to help set up for Sunday's Bowling pin match.
MrC and I thought the day was very warm compared to the temperatures we are used to back on the island. If it get any where over 85 degrees on Whidbey we start to complain, so 95 plus degrees makes me rather grouchy to say the least.

Pictured, is one of the tables used to set the bowling pins on. Either five or nine pins depending on what caliber gun you are shooting.

Gary, Ty, Dan and MrC the set up crew. My job was supervisor, every job needs one you know. *grin*

Gary driving the pickup under the mister to cool his helpers down.

After the range had been made ready for Sunday's event, we all enjoyed some fabulous pizza and sandwiches at the Mackenzie River Pizza Co. before returning to the house.

I took my camera and wandered around snapping pictures. This old wagon is posing in lush green grass.

You could not have a better sight to end a perfect day, than the American flag, back lit by a gorgeous smoke hazed sun, slowly making it's way to set behind the hills in the far distance.

MrC has part one for your reading pleasure HERE


Anonymous said...

How nice - It sounds like the visit was worth the drive.

It's nice to get away sometimes. I'm just about due.

Ginco said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your and Mr. C's lovely week-end, it sure is great to escape from home sometimes - and what a better way by combining shooting and a reunion with a very good friend!!!