Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This cake shop, has been in the same location in Palmerston North New Zealand, for over 50 years. I remember as a young child, standing outside watching the little mechanized baker, rolling dough while my mother went inside to buy our favorite treats.

On my visit last November, I was delighted to see that nothing much had changed at this bakery.There were a few new biscuits (cookies) and cakes but my favorites were still being baked daily. And the little baker continued to roll out the dough.

They say I'm nuts, rolling this dough for all these years. But please tell me does that make me a DOUGHNUT??

On the top shelf there are Lamingtons, a cream filled pastry and custard squares. The second shelf holds meat pies, custard pies and some yummy looking tarts I had never seen before.

Cream filled chocolate cake, cream horns and to the left you can just see chocolate eclairs.
By the way, that is REAL cream in everything, not that nasty artificial stuff.

Bacon & egg pie, sausage rolls and a potato topped mince (hamburger) pie.

Custard squares. Just one bite into the flaky pastry filled, icing topped square and you have to lick all the custard from around your mouth as it squishes out with every bite. Yes they are messy to eat, but so delicious.

You would have been proud of me. After standing in front of the display case for it seemed like an eternity, trying to decide what I would like,I bought just one custard square. I really wanted several of the old favorites but now I am older, I struggle with maintaining my weight and I did not want to gain too many pounds during my vacation.

Click on the pictures for a closer look at all the delicious goodies.


Anonymous said...

I love the little baker.. how cute is that. And to think he is still going strong after all of these years. Great photos of the goodies. I could practically taste them.

Maria Verivaki said...

absolutely beautiful to look at, especially the last one - custard squares with pink icing, yum yum