Sunday, November 06, 2011

It's been a wild ride

and not a fun one either.

Last Wednesday evening Mr C started to feel unwell, Thursday he felt worse, Friday no better and Saturday morning, that's yesterday, morning he was in the hospital.

After the tech took, it seemed pints of blood, another tech doing a nose swipe to determine if it was perhaps influenza which was laying him low, and then he had a cat scan, it appears he has an infection of one of his kidneys. The blood samples are being tested to make sure no infection is in his blood as his temp when taken during the first minutes of being admitted into hospital was 105F. The poor guy sure had a time of it when they tried to insert the IV, as due to serious dehydration his veins had collapsed. I stood and held his hand while the attempt was being made to insert the IV but had to go sit down for a while, to ease the queasy feeling which overcame me, I usually am not fazed by these procedures, but I guess when it is one of your own family it is different.

Mike was hooked up to the pump which administered fluids and the first dose of heavy duty anti-biotics and after about three hours he was starting to feel a little better and actually started to doze off. As he had not really slept for the past three nights, he really needed the rest so his body could start to heal, so I decided to leave him dozing and go down to the cafeteria for dinner. I ate a wonderful Thanksgiving kind of turkey dinner, and yes, it was very good for hospital food. After eating I wandered back upstairs to ER and peeped into Mike's room. "where have they taken my man?" I said to myself, and found out from his nurse he had been finally moved to a room in the main hospital.

Mike was chatting to his nurses when I arrived at his room and he appeared to be doing so much better. All the relevant information was given for the hospital records and I settled down in a chair beside him. As we chatted Mike told me he was cold, so I grabbed another blanket from the closet, then he started really shivering, I went out to the nurses station and reported the happenings, and a nurse brought in a nice warm blanket. That did not chase away the chills, so Mike, being the bright guy he is, said that it had been a long time since he had the motrin or whatever it was, to bring down his temperature was wearing off and his temp. was on the rise, again which proved correct. They brought in more meds, another couple of warmed blankets to wrap around him and his dinner. But after a couple of bites, his appetite vanished, and that is because of his temperature rising again. Poor guy, he really was having a rough time.
It was now fairly late into the evening, and a friend of ours had arrived at the hospital to drive me home. I was so very tired as I had only dozed off and on for the past three nights, so I poured a small glass of my favorite red wine sipped it until gone, then slipped into bed. I went out like a light and woke up at 6am, that is according to the bedroom clock, I had forgotten it was time to turn the clocks back, but as I was up drinking a cup of Ovaltine and writing this blogpost, I decided to stay up. I can get a nap later on today after I return from visiting my honey.

Our wild ride is not over yet, Mike will be in the hospital at least one more night and will undergo another scan sometime later today to check the infected spot on the kidney. Our dear friends Wayne and Lori, are insisting I go on my trip home to New Zealand on Wednesday and they will take care of my honey. Lori is a nurse so I know he would be in good hands. Mike also says he will be sick whether I am home or on my trip.Oh what a decision to make.


Kevin Baker said...

Tell Mike to get well soon! And I second the advice to take your trip to NZ. Sounds like Mike's in good hands.

Aaron said...

Please give Mike my regards, Kee Wee!

BobG said...

I've had a similar experience, and I know how he feels, and my wife knows how you feel. Give our best to him and our wishes for a speedy recovery.

DaddyBear said...

We'll be keeping y'all in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Just got the word (late to the party...again). I hope he gets well soon. Please keep us posted.

Gail Wilson said...

Jenn, I do hope Mike feels better real soon. I agree with Mike, you need to go home to New Zealand as planned. He has so many wonderful friends that certainly will keep a close eye on him!
Hugs to both of you, Gail

betty-NZ said...

Wow, not a lot of fun. I hope Mike's better soon and that you make the right decision about your trip.

Anonymous said...

Ooh Jenn I know how you feel.... torn between going home and leaving your beloved Mike for a short while,, although I have no doubt that he'll be in the best of hands!!!
Please give our warm wishes to Mike from us all here in chilly Switzerland!!!

Take care of yourself dear friend, and get enough sleep because with a clear mind you will make the right decision.
Love and hugs GINCO