Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Critter Restaurant

It is time to set out the bird feeders.

This morning the rowdy Jays were swinging from the feeder perches throwing the seed every which way until they found something to their liking. The rabbits hang around under the feeders happily waiting for the treats that fall their way.


Anonymous said...

Your critters sure are well fed, what with plums, apples and now bird seed. I suppose the rabbits go for the corn.

Anonymous said...

It's a bunny....I love bunnies!! I think I might have said that before. :)

Anonymous said...

Our birds throw out the seed, we leave it to grow, then the bigger birds strip the seeds from that.


Anonymous said...

So wonderful that so many are enjoying the feeder.

Mary Lou said...

I only have one very persistant Jay, but only every once in awhile, For some reason, they are not fond of the alders I guess. I keep the suet feeders and the seed feeders out all year long!