Wednesday, September 13, 2006

OK who did it?

VERY strange, the side bar on Keewee's corner is GONE. I have *reloaded* the page, done the F5 thing, and it still is not there. I went to Mr. C's blog and checked in on Keewee's Corner from there and there it is, very weird.
I will wait for Mr. C to get out of bed to take a look at it.
I sure hope the rest of my day runs smoothly. This is the first week of my new schedule of working three days then four off, I think I am going to like having the four days to myself especially over the winter months.
Well it is coffee time, and time to think about getting to work by 9am for our monthly Diva meeting.
You all have a wonderful day and be watching out for the *side bar thief*

UDATE : The side bar came back all on it's own,. By the time I had posted this and checked my blog again There it was.


Ginco said...

Keewee, I think Blogthings is the thief and evil do-er, my avatar and all disappeared straight after I played the quizz game, beware of blogthingies. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sidebars are such strange creatures. I have seen this happen before. Sometimes it is related to a photo or a link in a post that is too wide and the sidebar is displaced towards the bottom of the screen. So happy to see yours is back and acting normally. :-)

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Congratulations on your new awesome work schedule keewee!! Time to yourself...especially in the winter!!! That's better!

Dick said...

My sidebar did the same thing about the time yours did. It also came back on it's own. I wonder if there was some problem at Blogger that affected us both.