Thursday, September 21, 2006

We meet at long last

What a perfectly wonderful day I have had. It started out at the Weight Watcher's meeting where I weighed in and much to my delight I lost 2.8lb Everyone give a big *Way to go girl*

Next on to Gordon's restaurant where I met Phyllis, (a blogger sister) for the first time. I was hoping Phyllis' sister, Mary Lou (also a blogger sister) was also going to be joining us for lunch but she did not make it. Phyllis did call her from the restaurant letting her know what she was missing and I did get to say *naaa nana na na*

Phyllis is a delight. She has a wonderful sense of humor and we giggled and talked, giggled some more and polished off a yuppie lunch. The term yuppie was used by Phyllis in her post about our lunch together, I stole it because it was the perfect word to describe the food, which was very good. Sure hope I did not blow all the good work I did in losing that weight this last week.

We asked the woman who was our waitress if she would take a couple of pictures for us. You need to go HERE to see the one she took of the two of us and the rather stern expression on my face. I was concentrating,( instead of smiling) on watching the waitress, to see if she knew how to use the camera.
Why should I doubt her capabilities you ask. Well first of all, the waitress brought us someone elses food, then later, someone elses bill, she also spilled food or drink on a customer. (phyllis and I were trying very hard to keep our giggles under control) so you can see why I was wondering about her capabilities in using a camera. I should not have doubted her, she did a fine job of taking our pictures.

After lunch I headed up to Oak harbor for a little shopping, then planned on stopping by Mary Lou's place on the way home. So much for that plan, I spent more time shopping than intended and I ran out of daylight so decided I had better go home before Mr.C sent out a search party for me.
A great fun filled day.


Anonymous said...

Well done


Ginco said...

I'm so pleased you guys got together!!
There's nothing to top COFFEE and GIGGLES!!! :-)

PS, Did I forget to mention shopping?!!!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Keep up the great work, keewee!!

Phyllis said...

Yes, it was a blast! We must do that again next month in Burlington to meet Dick this time.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to meet a fellow blogger. Sounds like a very nice time.

Dick said...

Phyllis is a neat gal, isn't she? You will enjoy Mary Lou when you do meet her, too. I agree, let's all four try to meet next month in Burlington if you all will be up this way, or in Oak Harbor.