Friday, September 08, 2006

I changed my mind

Last night we attended The fishin' Club's monthly meeting. We kinda' feel it's a good idea to show up as Mr.C. is the president of the club, and I am on the board of directors. All joking aside, it is a very friendly club and we all enjoy our meetings. All the business for the club is taken care of at a monthly meeting by the board of directors, so the meeting with the club members is strictly fun, and we do have a speaker at each meeting .
This month's speaker was Gerry L who has spoken before to our club members on clams and clamming, and is eagerly welcomed each time he returns.

Gerry brought several buckets of different kinds of clams to the meeting and spoke on where to dig for them, how to clean them, how to cook them and much more. I remember digging for a shell fish called a Toheroa on the beaches in New Zealand, but never did like the taste of them.

Gerry coating some prepared clams with cracker crumbs and a *secret spice blend*

After Gerry had spoken about clams and clamming, we all milled around chatting while Gerry cooked the prepared clams.

The clams came out of the fryer golden brown and crispy. Darned if I know why my mouth was watering, I do not like clams.

My mouth was still watering, Oh! what the heck, I will try just a little bite. Hmmm! the first bite was a pleasant surprise, the second better, and the third better still. I do like clams after all.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever tried a clam, I will put it on my things to do list.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I love fried clams.
They are habit forming.

Mary Lou said...

Oh I LOVE clams, steamed, fried, chopped, grilled, in fritters, in strips, any way you can think of them. OOOOO and dipped in garlic butter!! YUMMMMMM

Ginco said...

I love seafood!! Mary-Lou's doing a good job of making me drool over here, *Mmmm*