Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Summer's End

This must be what they call an Indian Summer. Our days have been teeshirt wearing days, temperatures in the 70-80's with cooler nights.

This morning it was 50 degrees according to the thermometer on the side of the house, I suppose it won't be too long before we wake to a frosty morning.

The heavy dew is misting up and away from the pasture in the warmth of the early morning sun.

The drifting fog is being burned off as the sun rises over the marshland. It promises to be another glorious day.

The hardy little Primroses are still coming into bloom, showing some color before snoozing through the winter.


Anonymous said...

keewee, you have such wonderful views from where you live. I love to see your pictures.

Unknown said...

And I thought our views were good. Lovely scenery keewee.