Friday, September 29, 2006

I always find the best places to snooze

It didn't take Rocket long to discover the tunnel inside the deck chair cushion I had tossed onto the spare bed. He curled up inside the warm cushion tunnel and snoozed the afternoon away.


Phyllis said...

Cats are like that, aren't they?
I spend alot of money on cat toys and blankies, and Elliott just LOVES the paper bag I throw on the floor! He likes to run and slide in it. Punkin is caustrophobic that doesn't look like it's spelled right. Well any way she is afraid of small spaces!!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Dang shame you can't bring him to Reno.

srp said...

Our crew loves the produce boxes you get from Costco or Sams. Put a towel or fleece in it and they fight over who gets it. Only one of them, Clover, actually burrows under covers, behind pillows and between stuffed animals.