Monday, May 10, 2010


We are leaving for the Netherlands Wednesday, and I am not exactly ready to roll. I dragged one of our suitcases upstairs this morning, only to discover that part of it was broken. Mr C is now out in his workshop making repairs, as we don't have time to go and buy a new one.
I am kinda' organized when it comes to getting essentials, like toiletries, meds, makeup (really important) ready to go, and will work on the clothing tonight and tomorrow.
As we are going to be taking weapons and ammunition, so we can shoot in the European Steel Challenge, it takes a lot of thought on how to pack the guns in a hard sided gun case so they will not sustain any damage, and will be readily available for customs to check. Mr C has that all under control. The ammunition travels in my suitcase and has to be secured in such a way, that it does not cannonball all around the suitcase. I have that all figured out.
Camera batteries charged---check
Passport in purse---check
Euros in purse----check
Book to read in carry on bag---check
Antacids in carry on (food on plane, not always good) ---check
Comfy shoes in bag---check
Etc Etc.

I think I will be ready on time Whew!!!!

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MISTAYA said...

I am excited for you Jenn and I am anxious to hear the results of the Shoot all the way around the world! Best of luck girlfriend!!! Have a wonderful trip, Gail