Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our visit to Holland - Winterswijk

We arrived home late yesterday afternoon, tired and so glad to sleep in our own bed. As I create this post, I write a little, sneeze a few times, blow my nose and continue typing. Yes I caught a cold, but thank goodness it did not get bad until this morning.

Come along with me as I take you on a tour of the range at Winterswijk (sounds like vintersvyke) where Mr C and I competed in the European Steel challenge, then in later posts, some views of the charming town.

Logo for the Steel Challenge.

From our hotel, it was about a five minute walk along this lovely trail to the range. As we walked the trail many birds were singing out their songs to attract a mate. Well at least I surmise they were trying to attract a mate, as it is Spring in Holland.

Looking across the bicycle track, then the road towards the swimming pool, ball park and range. There are quite a few sports facilities in the area, catering to the needs of many men, women and children who enjoy various sports.

The swimming complex on the left, ball park on the right, and the range, center.
Mr C and I commented on how much work it must have taken, to construct the brick cycle tracks and pedestrian walkways, which were predominant in the area.

The range building, constructed of brick with tile roof, which is common on many of the houses and buildings in the town and surrounding area of Winterswijk.

I enjoyed
listening to the birds singing, as I walked the trail to the range .


edt said...

Welcome home...I have been struggling to post at your blog for some time. Hiccups aside the european trip sounded enjoyable. Looking forward to your photo posts. Hope you clear the cold soon and get over the bruses from your bicycle fall. Regards from a grey drizzely autumn in New Zealand.

edt said...

Sigh: did blogger eat my post? Welcome home keewee, hope you get over your bicycle bruses and cold soon. Looking forward to the picture posts. Regards from a drizzely autumn night in New Zealand

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased that you guys are back home and didn't have to remain at the airport due to the angry volcano.
As I see, Spring has also sprung in Holland - - everything just as lovely and green as here. Even the sky is as milky as here in Switzerland. The volcano is definately to blame for hiding the sun behind the masses of ashes!! By now we should be sweating!!!
Hope you get well soon J. and I hope your bruises will fade away REAL soon. Take good care of yourself girl. GINCO