Saturday, May 15, 2010

So soon does a vacation end.

It is our last day in Winterswijk and we have had a very busy time. We did have a hitch in my shooting plans, in that the magazines for my gun did not make it into my luggage so I had to use three of the mags from Mr C's gun. I did shook OK except for the first stage, which is not my favorite, I know I would have done bettter if I was not so rattled over the snafu with the magazines, however I did have a grand time and enjoyed all the comaradery of the folks we met last year.
Well I am going to go and rent a bicycle to look around this town, while Mr C is up at the range. I need to get out and about for a while. I will have pictures when we get back home.

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Gail Wilson said...

Isn't it awful how fast vacation time flies by! I am glad you are having a good time over there though and will enjoy all of you pictures soon!!