Friday, May 14, 2010

Holland is wonderful

I am sitting here in the range office, where we are set up on the internet so we can get a blog post or two done while we are here in Holland, pictures will come when I get home.
Our flight was very long and tiring, but the welcome from people we met last year, makes the trip all worth while.
Yesterday, after checking into our hotel, we walked over to the range, which is just about five minutes from the hotel, and met up with some friends from last year. After chatting for a while Mr C and I decided we needed a nap, so back to the hotel we went, to sleep for about three hours before meeting everyone downstairs in the restaurant for dinner.
Dinner was fantastic and beautifully served. We started at 8pm with ham and melon appetizer, sea bass with asparagus, herbed potatoes and vegetables, and for dessert, around 10:30 pm, Dutch apple pie. Of course I washed it down with a couple of glasses of nice red wine. Needles to say I slept very well, that is, until 3 am when I woke up ready to start the day. My poor old body can't decide to be on USA on Netherlands time.
Well that is about all for now, I am still feeling the effects of the time change and several cups of the very strong Dutch coffee they serve here.

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Gail Wilson said...

It sounds like you two are already having a wonderful time in Holland. I am looking forward to those great pictures you always take. Have fun, Gail