Friday, May 21, 2010

Winterswijk- a tour of the range and clubhouse

We start the tour of the clubhouse upstairs in the bar area, where you can have a beer, soda, coffee or a snack, or just sit around the table talking with all your shooting friends.

The office where competitors checked in, and the scores loaded into the computer.

As the score sheets were brought upstairs from the range, the totals were entered in the computers, printed out and placed on reader boards, so the shooters could check on their standings.

An apprentice entering some of the scores.
This sweet young lady, celebrated her thirteenth birthday during the time we were there, and part of the bar was decorated for the celebration.

In the large room adjacent to the bar, this woman had her embroidery machine set up to custom embroider shirts for the competitors. Last year Mr C and I were each presented with a custom embroidered shirt. On the far side of the room, there were tables loaded with prizes for the competitors. No competitor went home empty handed, even if they did not place in the winner's circle. When your name was called you went to the tables to choose your prize. I chose a nice pair of hearing protectors.
This room was also where tables and chairs were set up for lunch, to provide seating for the competitors, and all who were involved in staging the event.

To reach the basement where the match was held, you first had to navigate these rather steep stairs.

There is an electric chair for the handicapped, so they can get downstairs to shoot. Being as jet lagged as I was, I could have used this chair on several occasions. *grin*

There you have it, a partial view of the upstairs meeting room at the range, and in my next post I will show you downstairs where all the action took place.

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Interesting post TY keewee. Looking forward to the rest of your story. Blogger has been funny with my posts lately. They show in the number of comments place but the actual post doesnt show or sometimes I just cant post at all. The comments box freezes.