Monday, May 03, 2010

Why I did not blog over the weekend.

Early Saturday morning, we had the RV loaded up and ready to roll by 8am. We caught the ferry on the first leg of our journey to shoot in the Man Of Steel match, at Sherwood, just South of Portland.

Our Squad (Mr C was taking the photo)
I didn't realize how petite I really am, until I looked at our picture, I always have a larger than life attitude, small but mighty you could say. (Laughing)

Charlotte shooting a carbine. and she was good at it too.

Zach, also shooting the carbine, he came away with the top prize for junior in this class.

Picking up brass to be reloaded for the next match.

It was not my intention to shoot this match, but oh! how glad I changed my mind. There were some slots open and I decided to bite the bullet, pun intended, and shoot it any way.
I would have missed out on a great deal of fun, not to mention the practice I need, before shooting in the European match, in 11 days time in Winterswijk, Holland.

Mr C has tricked out my gun and I must say it is a pleasure to shoot.
I have pretty much got the feel of it now, and felt I did fairly well at the match. There were 18 rim fire open shooters in my class, and I finished 10th. There was one stage I had never shot before, involving a reload and it was a nightmare for me, as I could not drop my magazine to the ground when reloading, as the center fire shooters do. Instead I had to release the magazine, tuck it inside my vest, lock the slide back (or the gun would not feed properly) reinsert the new magazine, all while moving forward to another box to finish shooting the string. I lost valuable points on this one. Oh! well, if I decide to shoot the match again next year, I will figure out a new more efficient way to handle the reload situation.

The senior and junior ladies in our squad.

My buddy, who teased me unmercifully all day long.

I am so proud of Mr C who earned a nice plaque for 1st place rimfire. Just look at how fast he shoots this stage. 1.98 seconds. whoo hoo!
I was so tired by now, it was the next to last stage (8 stages) I could hardly get my trigger finger to move, and shot it on an average of 3.20 seconds. In practice the night before, I was shooting it in the 2's.


Gail Wilson said...

Good job at that shoot keewee! We hope to get to see you shoot again after we move to your side of world!! Gail

Anonymous said...

Heya KeeWee,
and all along I thought you were just a 'Regular' size gunGirl!