Sunday, March 12, 2006

Boring Adventure

Rivrdog taking care of some paperwork while a couple of the guys thaw out their fingers

Mr. C and I arrived home 10pm last night, a little worse for the wear.

As I said in my last post we were going to Boring, Oregon to help Douglas Ridge Rifle Club with their first bowling pin shoot.

Friday we left home around 11am, had a nice ferry ride across to the mainland, then set off south to Boring.

After travelling some distance, the weather turned nasty, we experienced heavy rain, light snow and hail, all this making the roads slick, and of course the inevitable accidents.

The first time we were stuck in a line of traffic for it seemed like hours, probably only about one hour, then after getting back up to speed once again, we came across another holdup due to another accident. As we crept by, we counted six wrecked vehicles, one vehicle was on it's side, and there could have been more that we could not see, and others with serious damage.

It was a good thing I had put together some sandwiches, snacks, and made a large thermos of coffee for our journey, we sure needed our picnic as we dawdled along ten feet, twelve feet, and sometimes even twenty feet at a time until the backlog of vehicles had cleared.

We arrived at our destination feeling as though we had both been dunked in starch, we were so stiff from the stress we could hardly get out of our RV and get our bodies moving. The one saving grace to the whole day was our dinner. Our friend Rivrdog took us out to Buster's BBQ restaurant where we stuffed our faces with nice greasy ribs, yummm ! you know you have had good ribs when you have BBQ sauce across your cheeks and almost up to your ears.

After a restless night, we woke up to the sound of Rivrdog banging on the RV, Geez, the birds were not awake yet! (no alarm clocks in our holiday home.) We then enjoyed a hearty restaurant breakfast before heading out to the range.

It was sooo! cold, did I mention I really dislike being that cold, anyhow, I braved the conditions and helped set up for the day.

All in all the day went by quite smoothly, there were the usual glitches when something new is being created, but nothing major.

Mr. C, and Rivrdog have more on our day, along with a couple of pictures, go on over and check it out.


mistaya's M.O.M. said...

A very interesting story keewee..I am glad you had a successful weekend.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

It'll warm up soon!!! :)