Thursday, March 02, 2006

Museum Of Flight

Wright 1903 Flyer (replica)

Yesterday Mr. Completely and I enjoyed just under three hours walking around the Museum Of flight in South Seattle. We would have liked more time but we had another place to be at 5pm.

World war I Caproni Ca 20

World War I Nieuport Type 24 (replica)

Sputnik I

Rockwell Apollo Command module

from top left down,
Insitu Aerosonde, Lockheed Martin/boeing RQ-3A DarkStar,
Boeing 737-200,
Lockheed m-21 Blackbird.

If you are ever in South Seattle the Museum of flight is well worth a visit. Just make sure you, take a camera, and give yourself plenty of time, so you won't miss any of the wonderful displays like we had to.
I will post a few more pictures in a couple of days.

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