Sunday, March 05, 2006

Buzz Buzz Buzz

I had a Buzzy bee when I was a child, and my children also had one.. It seemed to be the toy of choice for toddlers back in those days.

Buzzy bee - A popular child's toy. When pulled, the wings turn round and make a loud clicking noise which is probably why kids love them. Created by brothers Hector and John Ramsey, it was made in Auckland until the late 1970's. For generations of New Zealanders the buzzy bee was and is a icon of the New Zealand childhood.When Prince and Princess of Wales toured New Zealand in 1983, six-month-old Prince William was given a Buzzy Bee and he delighted the world's press by playing with the toy during an official photo shoot in the grounds of Government House in Auckland.
thanks to Kiwiana

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Anonymous said...

I too had one similiar to the one pictured. I can still hear the sound it made when it was pulled around. What a great memory...thanks. Hosta girl