Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Smaller than a Dinosaur, larger than a kiwi

Top Ten Things
that everyone should know about Moa

1. They’re extinct.
For several hundred years, at least.

2. Some were BIG.
As big as Big Bird from Sesame Street. But the smallest were turkey-sized.

3. They were eaten to extinction.
By indigenous Maori, along with much else.

4. There were 10 different species (not 13, or 26, or 38).
And the two largest have females twice the size of males.

5. They were ratites.
Other ratites include ostrich, emu, cassowary, rhea, and kiwi.

6. Most lived in forest, not grassland.
They weren't feathered cows. And there was no grassland to speak of.

7. They probably didn’t stand around with their heads in the air.
Unlike some museum mounts. It makes them look impressive, though.

8. You can still find their bones.
Mostly in caves, swamps and sand dunes.

9. They aren’t the only extinct New Zealand bird.
Geese, ducks, rails, adzebill, wrens, swan, pelican, eagle etc etc.

10. Moa (sing. and pl.) is pronounced more like MORE than MOWER.

Info. Duke University

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Very interesting. We like to learn about NZ