Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pin Top Shoot Today

It is a georeous sunny day for our pin top match in Coupeville. I am still getting used to my new gun, so do not expect too much from myself today.

Keewee timing in
Picture is of my previous gun, a Beretta, now I am shooting a High standard.

Here is the set up. Five Bowling pin tops to be shot off the tables in the fastest time, Whewww!


Ginco said...

I have checked the Swiss web site
for any information on pin top
shooting, here it is non-existing,

Practice makes perfect girl!
Glad you had a good day!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

What is a good time for five pin tops?

Mr. Completely said...

CUG: KeeWee's fast time so far on pin tops is around 4.5 seconds. With the new High Standard and a little practice the upper 3's are definitely in reach, maybe even faster. My fast time today was a 3.34. The fastest guy in the state shoots in the mid to upper 2's !! With very few exceptions, he never loses.....

......Mr. C.