Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sunset over Whidbey

Last night all the windows and doors of our home were open to the silence, warmth and fragrance of the evening. As I sat there listening to the bird's chorus long into the dusk, I was feeling blessed to have experienced this magical time. City life is not for me.


Ginco said...

Helen, that,s not fair!
Giving us a lick and no promise,
Spit it out Girl!! :)

Ginco said...

Oops! That,s what I call a Blog-
gers`blob, sorry about that, I,m
probably moving tooo fast for
bullets. Haaa haaa!
That,s my second blunder today,
must be the heat, L O L!

Ginco said...

Enjoy every minute of those
golden quiet moments.
City life can be so hectic, with
all the shouting and cars
hooting, it,s like being at an
Indian Bazaar.

Anonymous said...

You are blessed indeed.

Phyllis said...

We did have a beautiful sunset, didn't we? Do you live on the Southend?
Thanks for visiting my site!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Yes Phyllis, I do live on the south end overlooking useless bay.
I will be visiting your site some more.

steve said...

that is a beautifull view i once again truly envious.