Friday, August 10, 2007

I used to remember

It didn't seem that long ago, that I could remember almost every date and time, I had to go places or do something important. I'm wondering, am I growing older, or do I have way more things to do?

I find I need to write all my activities and appointments in my calendar or I just plain forget.
I also use a color code, so at a glance I can see when we have shooting matches, the days I am working, doctor or dentist appointments, lunch with friends etc.
The calendar for the rest of the year, is a rainbow of color, indicating all that will keep me busy until Christmas. Now all I have to remember is what all the colors are for *chuckle*


Anonymous said...

Keewee, I have been writing things down for years!


Ginco said...

Without a small shopping list tucked away in my pocket, I'll forget half of what I really wanted in the store - then I'll end up buying "other things!"
Keewee, ever tried drawing a couple of stars and bluebirds next to the colours for extra special reminders? Hie hie, your post reminds me of that song "Somewhere over the rainbow..! LOL!

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

I have to make a list for everything!! My biggest problem is I will be in the grocery store before I realize I have forgotten to bring the stupid list with me!!! Aargh!! Old(er) age!