Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A little This & That

Some days you just don't have much to say, or really don't want too sit at the computer racking your brains for something somewhat intelligent to write. For me, this is one of those days.

There is a light drizzle wetting everything down, and by golly we sure do need some moisture. It is always a concern when the land becomes a dry fire hazard just waiting to be ignited by a discarded cigarette from a careless smoker, or an out of control campfire. My friend Hostagirl and her husband JW, who live in Darby, Montana, are experiencing discomfort from all the fires burning in their area.

The last two days at work have been extremely busy, and thankfully I now have five, yes, that is five, days to recuperate. Next Wednesday MrC and I are flying down to California to attend the World Steel Challenge, so I will have to give some thought to what to throw in my suitcase in the way of suitable clothing. I believe the weather is going to be very warm, therefore I had better be prepared.

My visit to New Zealand is coming up in November and I have been spending time on finding the least expensive accommodation and a rental car for the 15 days I will be there.
Spending oodles of cash on fancy accommodation is not my thing, I would rather have some spending money for treating my daughter or to buy goodies to bring back with me.
Lucky for me, I have two brothers living in New Zealand who are helping with the arrangements.

Today, is going to be a day of R&R. A few household chores will be done this morning, and in the early afternoon I am driving to the spa (where I work) to enjoy a 90 minute massage sighhhh! I will be next to useless for the rest of the day. How perfect a day is that?

I am off to enjoy my LAZY day, you all have a wonderful day too.

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Ginco said...

Forget about the household chores Keewee, but enjoy your massage and have a super lazy day!!! :-)