Wednesday, August 22, 2007

World Steel Challenge - part three

Here is one very dedicated blogger. The only place the laptop would work in our hotel room was in the bathroom.

I forgot to mention to MrC that I had washed all the range dust off my feet in the bathtub and when he sat down and swung his feet into the tub his socks got wet *chuckle*

On Friday night, most of the shooters, and their families, gathered in the hotel courtyard and two adjoining rooms, to enjoy a meal and fellowship. There was a whole lot of BS going on too.

We could choose chicken or beef, or as I did some of each. The food was well prepared and tasty.
For dessert there were several pies, cake, and mini cheesecakes to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Under the umbrella on the left, was the bar and vegetables, fruit, salsa and chips were on tables on each side. We sure did not go hungry or thirsty.

Mike P, Linda and Hawk, three shooters from the squad MrC was in. We sure did enjoy meeting these fun folks and hope to see them next year.

Hope you are not bored yet as there are probably enough pictures for one more post.
Standby I will get to the last post in the next day or so.


Anonymous said...

Looks like such a fun time. And I love looking at your photos.

Ginco said...

Thank goodness for bathrooms -concerning moody laptops LOL!

Food can be twice as nice when eaten and spent in the company of a good crowd - you guys sure had a great time, thanks for taking the time to share all your good times with us all! ! !