Thursday, June 15, 2006

Our Bunny Friend

A couple of years ago we had three or four halfway tame bunnies who would eat out of our hands, and a few others who would come quite close, especially when we threw them plums.

This bunny we call "Blonde Bunny" is the only one left from last year, who will eat out of our hands.

*Yuk! I don't like spinach*

Blonde Bunny took one bite and went back under the car to wait for me to find something more to his/her liking.

*Now that is more like it! Do you have any more lettuce? *


Ginco said...

What a charming little
creature, and such a fussy
muncher, I would never have
guessed - me ol`city slicker.

Ted said...

Amazing photo's of the Bunny. We don't get many bunnies here at our place as I think either the hawks or the fox get them. Too bad as I like them. All we have is a chipmunk and he sure won't eat out of my hand yet.

Were back online today. What an ordeal. Posted a couple of "Stupid Cat" postings

steve said...

they are lovely. I used to breed rabbits, Himalayans, they are the ones which are white with black noses and the tips of their ears and feet are black.

Anonymous said...

awaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww hes so cute hes blonde jst like ma bm4l soph!!!!!yay i found a blonde bunny!!!!!!i have 6 bunnies an there all gorgous