Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yahoo! We get To Go Play!

Today I will be busy loading our RV, or as Mr.C calls it, our luxurious land yatch, (yeah Right!) ready to leave tomorrow sometime, for our three day camping/fishing/potluck weekend with the Fishin' Club

This trip to Coulee Playland at Bank's Lake, is eagerly looked forward to every year, by the club members.

Some of us do a lot of fishing, some sit around and relax, sleep in the sun or visit with their friends, then on saturday afternoon we all get together for a pot luck feast.

I must get moving and start getting things ready. Hmmmm! I need to pack-- bottle of wine, books, fishin' gear, food, bottle of wine, clothing, sunscreen, bottle of wine, potluck goodies, bottle of wine, You get the idea. Oh! and for you safety minded folks, we DO NOT drink wine out in the boat, that is for evening *relaxin' time and the potluck* And we wear life jackets.
My camera is already packed so I will take plenty of pictures to share when we get back.


Ginco said...

Not so fast, wait for meee!
Have a Great time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. Hope you have lots of sun and catch lots of fish. :-)