Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yep, Life is Good

Yesterday was one of those days where I really did not have anything to say, I was also feeling tired and could not get my thoughts in order.

This morning, as I usually do on a beautiful calm sunny morning, cup of coffee and camera in hand, I headed outdoors to see what I could find in the early quiet hours of the morning. There is something magical about an early, dew covered still morning.

The critters are going about their business before being disturbed by us humans, the bees are busy collecting pollen, flys are basking on the sun warmed concrete of the front steps, a momma robin has a beak full of worms to feed her chicks, a pair of swallows nesting up in our carport, are looking down on me, from the power line, with nervous twitters hoping I am not going any closer to their nest, and a tiny gold colored bunny sitting up on his hind legs, ears twitching, is watching my every move.

As I gazed upon the beauty of the flowers, the sparkle of dew on a spider's web caught my eye, looking as though it had just been created using the finest silver and dripping with diamonds.

The garden is an artist's palette of every color you can imaine, even the dead brown of the geraniums I wintered over in the basement, which obviously are not going to grow. Note to self, SELF, do not bother with storing geraniums in the basement, buy new ones every season.

The sun was now well and truly above the horizon and my coffee cup was empty, back inside for a refill and to check my emails.
Our cat Rocket, never goes outdoors. He thinks he is pretty tough but the coyotes are meaner and tougher and consider cat a delicacy.

Sitting on the counter beside the coffee pot, are three jars of picked onions I finished processing last night. Many, many, years ago I used to have jars of onions ready for snacks at parties or to enjoy with a beer on a hot summers night, or as I enjoy them, sliced thinly and placed on a sandwich. You probably need to have a little British blood in your veins to appreciate pickled onions.

Mr. C came into the kitchen as I was peeling the onions ready to brine them overnight, he could not get out of the kitchen fast enough. His comment, * I don't know how you can do that, my eyes and nose are burning!*

*Ya gotta be tough! says I.*


steve said...

you have just painted a wonderfull picture I feel I am there with you
thank you

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

Jw says "Thank you very much! I sure do enjoy those pickeled Onions." He wonders if you would share your recipe with him?? Oh you British blooded people I loved you morning story girlfriend!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Hostagirl, you bet I will share my recipe.

Anonymous said...

I love pickeled onions, but I only ever get round to making them at Xmas. Lovely garden


Anonymous said...

Ah yes! I'd like to have that recipe also. Turns out I brought home "too many" onion sets this spring. (Well, he said "a lot", how was I to know? He had to get the tiller out and make the garden bigger to get them all planted.) But my popularity could return if I had even more ways for him to enjoy them. I enjoy your blog - stumbled onto it not long ago. Don't get to read everyday, as I am dealing with aging parent issues.

Mary Lou said...

You wouldn't have a recipe for pickled Garlic would you? It is sooo good!!