Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Juneau Vacation - Part Four

As this was to be our last visit to Juneau, ( our friends we stay with, are moving to Washington State next year) we decided to re-visit the mendenhall Glacier.

View from the visitor center. The glacier has receded considerably the last few years.
Keewee bundled up in layers of clothing against the very cold wind, blowing down from the glacier. Riannan you should recognize this place.

The glacier still had that lovely aqua color but there was also a lot of dirty patches on the ice.

We also took a ride out to Montana Creek. A beautiful quiet place with wonderful scenery.

This bridge had been reduced to just enough width to walk across, or to take an ATV over, as people would drive across the bridge, up the road a ways and dump their trash. We noticed that reducing the size of the bridge did not stop someone from dumping a load of trash alongside where we parked our vehicle. It seems quite a common occurence for folk to dump their trash anywhere they wish. What a shame to ruin the beauty of this great place.

A huge tree fallen has fallen across the creek.

Common wildflower.

Another pretty wildflower.

Beauty in nature everywhere you look.


Anonymous said...

Global warming has a lot to answer for


Ginco said...

(Some) people go out of their way
to destroy the beauty of
nature - what a shame!

Those little flowers are so
dainty, and so are the lilac

What beautiful photos.

steve said...

just beautifull