Monday, July 24, 2006

Part 5 of our trip to Juneau

Are you tired of all the pictures yet? These are the last of the photos of our wonderful vacation.

Downtown Juneau across Gastineau channel from Douglas Island, which was our home for 12 days.

Notice the tramlines, on the right side of the picture, going up the mountain. The next few pictures will be showing views from my ride up on Mount Roberts Tramway. It is a good thing I am not afraid of heights.

Downtown Juneau from the top of Mount Roberts Tramway.

Looking up towards Sheep Creek. It must have been low tide as you can see the sandbar on the left protruding out into the channel.

Dang! that is a long way down.

This huge Bald Eagle was in the raptor center at the summit of the tramway.

To give you an idea just how far up the tramway summit is, notice how small the cruise ship appears.

Our vacation is over, we are on Alaska Air taxiing out to take off on the first leg of our journey home.

It is quite sobering when you look toward the end of the runway and realize the plane is going to have to climb up and over those mountains.

There are many, many helicopters at the airport to cater to the tourists needs.

The building with the red roof is Dipac Hatchery.

Downtown Juneau

Up and over the mountains

Back in Washington flying over the Museum of flight. You can see the Concord top left corner.


Anonymous said...

Great pics keewee! It will be great to have you two home again. Thanks for sharing your vacation with all of us!

Anonymous said...

i bet you didn't want to come home, I know I wouldn't have wanted too!


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Those are awesome pics, keewee!
Thanks for sharing them!!

Ginco said...

IF, this was your last visit to
Alaska, you have a beautiful
photo collection to browze
through, I enjoyed all your

Anonymous said...

We just returned from the mountains ourselves. Aren't they just breath taking. Love the photos.

Ted said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Looks like somewhere I want to go before I die!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing them.