Monday, July 03, 2006

Leavin' On a Jetplane

This afternoon we are jettin' out of here for our vacation in Juneau Alaska. Just have to throw some clothes in a couple of suitcases grab our flyfishing gear and we will be on our way.

Some of the spectacular scenery we will fly over as we head further north over Alaska.

We are staying, as we always do, with our friends C & S and will call this A-frame, attached by a breezeway to the main house, our home for the next 13 days.

We plan on bringing salmon home this year, that is if they are still in good shape, and are not too far into the spawning. If they are far into the spawning cycle then the quality of fish is not good.
I plan on keeping up on my posts from Juneau, that is, if I can push Mr. C away from the computer long enough to get my turn.


steve said...

now if there was nothing around me for about 1/2 a mile it would suit me.
you have a great time both of you !!!!

Phyllis said...

My heart is squeezing with envy! I know it is a sin, but I am JEALOUS!!! You have fun, and bring back that old salmon, it smokes great.

Ginco said...

What a beautiful little hide-away!
I can just "hear" the silence,
and the sound of wild creatures.

I can only say, Enjoy every

Anonymous said...

I have gone green! Jealous me? well yes I am.

Love Helen

The Conservative UAW Guy said...


Have a great time, and a great 4th!!!