Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yahoo we on vacation at last

Vacation has started at long last.
We had an incredible flight starting at Oak harbor with a short flight to Boeing Field on Kenmore Air.
The day was sunny and clear so the view was wonderful.. We were vanpooled to Seatac and left there around 8pm
From Seatac to Juneau, we had another super flight and the view was spectacular to say the least. I will have photos later.
Today we have a little grocery shopping to do, and as the usual vacation goes, we will play it by ear.
More in the next few days.


Ginco said...

Shopping in strange places -
a good start to any vacation!!
Have fun.

Can,t wait to see your photos!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Have fun!
Post some pics when you get back!!

Mary Lou said...

Never been to Juneau, but I love Anchorage!! Enjoy your vacation and stay safe!