Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Whaa! vacation is nearly over

Our vacation is nearly over. We leave Juneau tomorrow around 3pm.
Yesterday we were fishing for most of the day and I got a little sunburned, yes, I did say sunburned, it does get hot here.
Fishing for me has been a non event, Mr.C has caught all the big salmon, I have managed to bring in a couple of small, ugly fish, the name of escapes me at the moment, but today *is MY day* we are going out once again before going home and I am determined to get my salmon today.
Mr. C tells me the little fish I caught is a Horned Sculpin, or *Double Ugly* as the Alaskins call them.
Well wish me luck for my fishing adventure today, and stay tuned for many pictures when we get home.

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Ginco said...

Here,s hoping you,ll catch the
I will be lurking for those