Thursday, August 10, 2006

Crown of Thistle

As I opened the front door this morning to take my usual stroll around the yard, I noticed blonde bunny about the same time she saw me. She made one little hop towards me in the hope that I had a treat for her, alas I was empty handed, so I retreated to the kitchen to find something she would like. I had some cherries which were past their best. I knew this bunny would not be fussy about a few cherries being over-ripe.

As I sat on the front steps feeding cherries to a happy bunny, I noticed the thistle between her ears, I slowly reached out to remove it but bunny backed away as though to tell me " it is Ok where it is, I like it that way"

This is the only bunny left now which will come and take food from our hands, all the other bunnys have disappeared. Quite often when we go outdoors, she will pop out from under one of the vehicles and hop up to us with that "what do you have for me today?" expression on her face.


Anonymous said...

IT'S a BUNNY!!!!!I loves bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Little blond bunny is so adorable. How sweet of you to give her little treats. She is such a pretty little girl.. even with her crown of thorns. :-)

Anonymous said...

what a cutie

Anonymous said...

Cute bunny!!

Anonymous said...

Where have your bunnies gone?