Sunday, August 27, 2006

We are in charge today

At last I have a day to do as I wish. Mr.C has gone to the range today so Rocket and I will take care of Completely Castle all by ourselves.

First we have to watch over our new baby goldfish who decided to explore outside his tank this morning. Mr.C. found him on the floor and thought for certain he was dead, but no, he blinked his little eye. Mr. C. put him back in the tank and supported him with his hand until he could kinda manage on his own, but he really does not look well at all. We will see just how tough goldfish are.

My garden needs some TLC there are many flowers which need deadheading and a few weeds to pull, some hostas which need to be planted, and problably there is a nap to fit in somewhere.
Update I did quite alot of work in the garden today. See HERE HERE HERE

Rocket is in position at the window to make sure the birds are behaving, and I am deciding how to enjoy this perfectly fabulous sunny day.


Anonymous said...

Good picture of both of you! I know you had a great day from reading your garden blog.

Bibi said...

Hope your goldfish is okay! Good job the cat didn't find him first ;-)

Phyllis said...

I bet you are one tired puppy!! Garden work is hard. Bamboo can take over if you don't watch it!!
I just want to reach in and tickle Rocket's belly!!
We need to meet for coffee or tea somewhere! I go down South alot when I sign up people for Paratranist.

Anonymous said...

My garden too needs some TLC. Here in Manitoba many of the annuals have had their day and I will start to pull out some of the straglers. What I love the most about this time of year is the harvest. My vegetable garden is small.. but the fruit is abundant.

Is it ok to say a little prayer for the baby fish. I will say one anyway.