Tuesday, August 08, 2006

keewee's day off work

Last night after work, as I was leaving the spa , I thought this sight was worth a picture. There was a very high tide, and the wind blown, choppy water was hitting the bulkhead throwing spray up into the air and down onto the boardwalk.

This morning I am going back to the spa, but as a guest this time. I am having some serious pain issues with my left shoulder and one of the therapists is going to try and loosen the tight muscles with some deep massage, ouch! ouch! ouch!


Mary Lou said...

I have never had a massage, I heard it was really nice though, but I am so stiff and sore all the time that I probably could not take it.

I have a nephew that is a massage therapist, but he never brings his table over so I can have one!

steve said...

I ache every day you just get used to it its worse when I stop moving.
so I guess I better keep going and moving on all the while, if I have been sat for a while I cannot straighten up for a few minutes just old age I guess, but I never let it stop me from doing anything. hell I am at work for 11 hours a day how bad am I?

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Mary lou, if I was you I would nag that nephew to bring his massage table over and give you a massage. Massage is so wonderful.
My shoulder is still VERY tender, but the mobility is a tad better. I still have more work to be done. The spa allows us desk divas one free massage per month, but I am working something out with my therapist to be able to get massage more often until my shoulder regains it's mobility.

Anonymous said...

I had a problem with my neck a few years ago, I could only turn my head to the right. I went to the doctors many times and he as good as told me I had to learn to live with it. Then for Christmas a friend gave me a voucher for a massage, so I went and loved it, she told me she could sort out my neck and did, in six visits. Well worth every penny


Ginco said...

Here's hoping the therapist is
a tall dark and handsome dude
with gentle hands, haaahaaha!
I hope your shoulder feels
much much better!!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

gincoleaves, darn, we only have women therapists.