Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Our little goldfish seems to be OK. He has survived two days, so that is a good sign. Gosh, he was dry and lifeless when Mr. C picked him up of the floor, that goes to show you, he is one tough little guy who was lucky he was not Rocket's breakfast on Sunday. The goldfish god must have been watching over him.

I see out of the den window that a backhoe bucket of "black gold" (compost) has just been delivered and dumped on the tarp I set out yesterday. I am off to get my breakfast and start moving the compost on to my gardens. The newly created garden will be first to be covered with the rich "black gold"


Ginco said...

A little juvenile delinquent who
thought life could be more exciting on the outside of his fish tank, Haaha!
Lucky for him Mr.C was faster
to the rescue than Rocket!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I see a smile on his face!!!