Thursday, August 24, 2006

Farewell Party

I recently received these pictures from my friend Raewyn, who now lives in Australia. She had been going through some old photographs and came across these. The photos were taken at my farewell party at the Majestic Hotel in Palmerston North New Zealand in 1982.

1981 I went on vacation to Tahiti, where I met Mr. C who was on his way down to NZ on business. One thing leading to another, Mr. C and I were married In USA on my first visit here 1982. I returned to NZ handed in my notice at the hotel, packed up my belongings and returned to USA.

Keewee opening one of her farewell gifts.

The farewell party is one I will never forget. Kiwis really know how to party. My job at the Majestic Hotel, was as superviser of all the waiters and waitresses in the restaurant. I was also responsible for setting up the buffet for the Dinner Theatre evenings which were held downstairs.

Our restaurant team, as well as many of the other employees of the hotel sure did have fun. Many times after work, we would all get together upstairs in the restaurant bar, to have a few drinks and act silly/socialize before going home.

Rosy cheeked Keewee, trying to take a few pictures. I had downed a few drinks by this time which were all supplied by Mr & Mrs Palmer the hotel Owners. Look at all the Champagne bottles on the table, there are more that you can't see.

Keewee, Raewyn, and I cannot remember the gals name on the right.

My farewell party started as the last of the customers were leaving the restaurant. Many bottles of champagne appeared and we wasted no time opening the bottles.
As time progressed and we all were getting a little giggly, (well the girls were) I had the distinct feeling that the gang were up to something, there were whispers and strange looks from some of my friends to each other.

I was sitting with my back to the hallway where the lift/elevator opened, I heard a commotion behind me, and as I turned around, there were a couple of the guys pushing my little Yamaha commuter bike I used to ride to work, out of the elevator. By this time everyone was laughing and I didn't know what to think. My Yamaha was hoisted up onto one of the tables and I was helped up onto the table sit on my Yamaha, someone handed me an open umbrella to hold. I felt like Mary Poppins.

Me and my Yamaha. Geez I was a lot thinner back then, Oh! and younger too!
Look at those shoes, they are back in style.

After I had posed for pictures on my Yamaha, I was helped down off the table and back into a chair. By now my sides were aching from all the laughter and I was glad to rest, or so I thought.
All of a sudden someone, I don't remember who, came up behind me and bound me to the chair with rope. I remember thinking, OH! NO! what now?

Two of the guys picked me up, chair and all, and carried me downstairs, across the foyer and through the door into the Theatre bar, Oh my gosh!!! it was a good thing I was mellow ( from a couple of drinks) or I would have been mortified. All eyes in the theatre bar turned and looked at us all as the guys deposited me on the floor. The guys explained that I had just got married and was returning to USA to live. The crowd all stood up and cheered, whistled and applauded.
I was left bound to my chair for a few minutes before one of the guests took pity on me and undid the ropes and bought me a drink.

At the end of the evening my Yamaha was taken downstairs in the elevator to the cellar and I was sent home in a taxi.

It was a very special, wild party, with some of the most fun wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Keewee..what a wonderful writer you are...I enjoyed it so very much!!! And I am very thankful you came to America...(thank you Mr. C!!!)