Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I am somewhat rested

I did enjoy my day yesterday. I pottered around my garden, pulling weeds, trimming a few dead flower heads off so there will be more blooms, and taking pictures to record the progress of the plants.

One of my beautiful hostas will have to be moved as it has been burnt by the hot sun.

This beautiful flower pot, I found at the senior thrift store, I am always on the lookout for unusual and beautiful plant containers.

I noticed a couple of starlings with blackberries in their beaks and thought, hmmmm! the berries must be starting to ripen. Sure enough they are, as I wandered around inspecting and tasting the fruit, I drooled at the thought of blackberry pie, blackberry cobbler, blackberries on cream cheese clouds, blackberry iced tea, blackberry this, blackberry that, there are so many delicious recipes which use blackberries.

Today is a work day for me, so I had better get moving, drink one more cup of coffee so I will be sufficiently wired for my day, and finish reading all my favorite blogs.


Marsha Loftis said...

I read blogs before work too!!!! Ok I don't have a job right now but I am looking.

Ginco said...

Oh I like that flower pot!
Some time ago - in Italy, I
bought a key holder in the shape of a flower basket, and the fruit
looking out of the basket looks just like your flower pot.

Anonymous said...

My goodness.. that is a lovely pot. My garden is coming a long nicely although it is terribly dry here. The tomatoes are still quite green but the cucumbers and peppers are ripe and delicious.

steve said...

have to do all the reading at night to early when I get up to focus just a coffee,
fag,(cigerette)thought I better put that in,,,, and shower then off.
nice pot!

Mary Lou said...

I was thinking just last night that the berries should be just about ripe! I still have 2 bags in the freezer from last year, and a fridge full of blackberry cordial from 2 years ago. YUMMY!