Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Day At The Fair

Yesterday it was Mr.C's and my turn to man the Fishin' Club booth at the county fair.
We were at the booth for about four hours, starting off the day before the general public were admitted to the fair grounds, by eating our breakfast of biscuits and gravy we bought from one of the vendors.

Mr. C and two our our Fishin' Club friends at the Fishin' Club booth.

We were seated here on the midway watching some of the entertainment, and in the distance the kids were yelling and screaming from, whatever that ride is there in the background. You can tell I am not a fan of those rides as I don't even know what they are called.

Jake at our booth, talking to a potential new club member. We sign up most of our new club members at the fair.

The kids from The Children's Theatre in the parade through the midway.

This itty bitty girl, probably about seven years old, starting up the pole to ring a bell at the top.

Almost there.
She was showing how tired she was, but she did manage to reach the forty foot mark and ring that bell.

There was a demonstration on log chopping, the boy on the log over the water was demonstrating setting a cable choker, a logger left rear, with a chainsaw sawing through a huge log, and a young man climbing the pole on the left. All the guys started their various tasks at the same time and the logger on the right, in the blue shirt, was the first to complete his task. He sure could swing that VERY sharp axe.

One of the barns holds wonderful antique farm equipment and buggies.

Some antique farm equipment

As you can see from the pictures, it is a small county fair, but we always enjoy doing our part in manning the booth for one of the shifts, then afterwards, wandering around the fairgrounds visiting with folk we usually only see once a year at the fair. And of course there is all the yummy fair food, chocolate covered strawberries on a skewer, strawberry and whipped cream covered funnel cakes, some tasty asian food, and nut covered icecream on a stick. There is so much food you can't eat everything so I choose something I would not ordinarily have elsewhere.


Ginco said...

Now that looks like a fun way to spend a Saturday!!

Indeed a brave little girl that!

Mary Lou said...

AAARRRGGGHH!!! I thought it was NEXT weekend! I NEVER miss the fair.. WAHHHHHH!!!