Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Party

Saturday evening, the ladies of the spa where I work, all gathered at Dana's home for our end of year party. Being as halloween is almost here we all dressed in costume.
We all enjoyed good food, good wine, there was much laughter as there always is whenever we are all gathered in one place.
Thank you Dana for hosting a wonderful evening.

Which Witch is Which?

Witches, Judy & Marilyn

Oh La La!! Christa

Marilyn accompanies Papillion in a song

Dana our Fairy Godmother

Goth Keewee cops an attitude

No party is complete without Maxine, AKA Joyce

Janet our Medieval maiden

Tiger Karen Grrrrrrr

Not her again with that attitude


Anonymous said...

keewee what can I say, you looked fabulous


BobG said...

Hell, I've seen neighborhoods that looked like that on a normal day...

Ginco said...

Oh Fabulous,
I just love that "Don't mess with me look!" Haahaha!
Glad you girls had a blast!!!!

Mary Lou said...

HAHAHA!! I was wondering if you would DYE your hair...

I Love Maxine!!! LOLOL

Ginco said...

Btw Keewee, you are tagged, check my blog. :-)