Friday, October 27, 2006

Party, Party Party !!!

Saturday evening the owner of the Spa where I work, is throwing our end of year party.

As it is almost Halloween we will follow the theme and dress accordingly. I am really not one for 'playing dress up' but this year I am feeling somewhat different.

Yesterday, I went across 'the pond' ( ride on ferry and up the freeway a few miles) to get a few things from Costco, and on the way back, detoured to a huge craft/costume supply store. Wow! is the one word to describe this place, there is so much to choose from, and judging by the number of customers in the store, I am not the only one finding, this the place to shop for Halloween.

I did have a theme in mind for the party, not the usual witch, pumpkin, job related, or TV themed costume. I am going to the bash wearing GOTH garb, jewelry and makeup.

As I pushed through the door of the costume store, I saw a young man who had the hairstyle, tattoos etc. of someone who looked as though he would be able to help me in my search. Sure enough, the young man showed me much Goth related items, now to choose.

I arrived home with a bag of goodies, including black lipstick and nail polish, some funky jewelry, and most fun of all some temporary stick on tattoos. I did try on a few wigs of various styles and colors, but when I looked in the mirror, and said YIKES!!! to my self, I left them in the store. I want to look kinda on the sophisticated side of Goth, not the ridiculous.

I plan on taking my camera along to the party so I can show you some pictures later on this week.


Anonymous said...

Keewee, thanks very much for the autograph. CUG delivered it promptly on his return, so the blame for my slow response is all mine. I appologize. Your blog site is definately one of my favorites. I espeditally enjoy the sidewalk paintings and the humor.
Again, thanks and please keep up the great site. -Mike M.

Anonymous said...

can't wait!


Rivrdog said...

...and the Mr. is going as...?

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

rivrdog, Mr.C is happy he is not going, not his thing. It is an all girl's party for all of us who work at the spa. You know what Mr. C thinks about the views of some of the liberal folks I work with. He went to the very first party we had and did not want to go to another.LOL