Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pavement Art By Ulla Taylor

Artist Statement: I often work as a street pavement artist, or "Screever". With pastels and kneepads in tow, I create original street murals at festivals and special events.

Dolphin, Shellfish, Coral, Gurnard, L&P bottle

Drawn November 2005 Tauranga New Zealand


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Ginco said...

I can only say again, I couldn't get it over my heart to leave something as beautiful as this, lying on the street!!!
We have artists from all over the world - who leave their work of art lying on the pavement, for all to see - but I've never come across anything such as this!

Anonymous said...

I love these artist too!!! Don't you wonder about their brains. they must have a special spot in there that lets them see what we don't