Friday, October 06, 2006

we have arrived at last

Yesterday we arrived at Circus Circus Reno Nevada around 5pm. a couple of posts ago I mentioned we are here for the Gun Blogger Rendezvouz.

After checking in we went up to the 3rd floor to check out the Tahoe conference room, where all the attending bloggers will be meeting over the next couple of days, to see who all had arrived.
At this point I am not going to use names, just the blogger names, as some folks prefer to keep their ananomity. K from Smallest Minority was there as was another bloger who's name escapes me at present, ( I am VERY tired and am lucky to remember my own name)

After getting our luggage on and off the elevator and into our room we changed our travel clothes into "business casual" attire and headed over to the Eldorado to attend the "Vine for life" in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

What an event, it was very classy, the food outstanding,the wines delicious and warming giggle !!
well it is time to get ready for breakfast.
more later.


mistaya's M.O.M. said...

It sounds like you are already enjoying your time away!! Have a wonderful time.

Mary Lou said...

Lemme see Circus Circus is right next to the big domed one right? The silverado? I was in it once the whole time I lived in Fallon. I went to Reno almost everyweekend to shop, or Dr appt, but I NEVER gambled, so I stayed away from the main drag. Make sure you get up to Virginia City before you leave! It is something to see.


Anonymous said...

You sound as if you are enjoying yourself.